Working on...


29 July  2014 - VoYo Lemon

Completed VoYo Lemon pack cover.


21 July 2014 - VoYo Strawberry

Completed VoYo strawberry pack cover.


21 July 2014 - Meaty's BBQ

Completed work for Meat's BBQ

Working for...


1 August 2014

Macafee Catering


1 June 2014

Meaty's BBQ


14 May 2014

VoYo - Vegan Organic Yogurt company

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Darren Randle

The basic story is...


I'm a self-taught, freelance illustrator, cartoonist, and graphic artist.


After sometime away from my art table I'm back doing the thing I love the most; filling in the blanks spaces.


I've been working with an unique array of clients, in different artistic styles for the past 15 years, and have had the great  fortune to find my work on store shelves, magazine pages and all across the inter-webs.


And I'm always just doodling for doodling sake.


Basically, I love to draw!

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